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Welcome to The Red Dragon cafe!

Your host is Drake

Your servers are Elle, Stephan, Nat, Norrin and Julianna.

Please find a table and one of our staff will be with you shortly.

Posters in the Window
Movie Night
Open Mic Night

[Open] Music Night

The café's stage had been set up, and Julian wandered around it rather restlessly. He needlessly adjusted the microphone once again, checking if everything was working as it should for the performance that was about to take place.

Finally, he sat down at a table close to the stage where he waited for Norrin, wondering if he really had a reason to feel as oddly nervous as he did, or if it was just plain old stage fright.

ooc: This is intended to start out as a jam session for star_core and Julian, but it's totally open. Feel free to have your characters join in or comment the show. :)


EVENT: New Years Eve

As the last bottle of champagne disappeared into the three-tiered fountain, Drake stood back and surveyed his handiwork. The murals were surrounded by garlands of myrtle and ivy, and golden balloons floated in twos and threes above the buffet tables below.

The band were tuning up, a jazz quartet who had been penniless but three months before and were now about to embark on their first national tour. Drake was now calling in their hot chocolate debt.

Positioning his new grandfather clock by the wall, he checked his watch and then threw open the doors.

"Come in, come in - a New Year awaits us, I find!"


EVENT: Christmas Party

The cafe is a sea of glittering candles, with the Christmas tree scraping the ceiling and covered in hundreds of fairy lights and a rainbow of tinsel. Drake is always enthusiastic, if not entirely stylish.

There are hot mince pies at every table and a vat of mulled wine sitting on the counter; the host himself is wearing a dark green suit with a burgundy shirt, for he is a fashion disaster, and talking quietly to his guests. Christmas music plays in the background, with a few surprising choices, and there's a karaoke machine lurking in one corner.

In the opposite corner, there's a brightly decorated chair, with a sack of presents beside - and maybe Santa will pay a visit later.

They all need some time to celebrate their lives and the cafe is always willing to provide. The door is slightly ajar, but there is no draught and inside is found only warmth and good company.

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Drake realised that he had been running the cafe on "autopilot", as they said in this century, ever since Tara had disappeared. Now, he had a daughter, a husband, and a better future around the corner.

It was time to take back life.

He put a flyer in the window to advertise the events of the coming season:


December 19th - Christmas Party
Mince pies, mulled wine, and Santa's Grotto!

December 31st - New Year Party
Welcome in the New Year with music, dancing, and champagne!

All at the Red Dragon Cafe!


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St. David's Day Party

[OOC note: destiny_keeper 's mun texted me about half an hour ago saying she wanted a St. David's Day party post up here! So I'm here to do just that on her behalf. :-P Mentioned Drake with permission from her. *BEAMS*]

Maxxie was, for lack of a better word, feeling on the verge of death by hangover. He shuffled into the cafe with a box under his arm and the worst headache anybody had ever suffered through. Placing the box on the counter he searched around for any sign of life, and not finding any, set about putting vases of daffodils on each table and unloading the leeks for the leek and potato soup Drake had mentioned. As long as he didn't have to do any cooking, it'd all be fine.

Putting the box out of the way and down behind the counter, he starting fiddling with the stereo, pushing a multitude of buttons before it sprang to life, the sound of the Sterophonics filling the cafe gently. They were Welsh. It'd be good enough, even if it wasn't helping his headache.

Finally pulling the last item out of the box, he hung the Welsh flag up behind the counter and made sure it was completely straight before nodding at his handiwork and opening the door of the cafe. Hoping he'd done a good enough job, he sat himself up at the counter, hoping someone turned up soon so he could have a coffee. If there was one thing he wasn't going to do, that was mess around with all the various contraptions that apparently made coffee.

Once again, Jonathan Crane opened the cafe after dark. He was, admittedly, rushed, but a promise was a promise.

Hopefully, Drake wouldn't mind the choice of film. It wasn't terribly well-known, but the way it used the medium to alert a viewer to the limitations of perspective seemed intriguing.

Crane set up the video display and waited.Collapse )

Feb. 26th, 2009

Alex walks in, looking extremely down cast. He sits down at a table and orders a cup of coffee.

Open mic night!

OOC: Apologies for the belatedness! Bendy-time setting this for this past Saturday, Feb. 21!

After setting up the area - rearranging chairs and setting up the microphone stand, Julianna turned on the microphone and made sure it worked. "Testing, one...two...three..." When she heard that the sound was satisfactory, she stepped off to the side and moved toward the back, out of the way.

arkhams_dr and fckingseabreeze

Elise was prepared for awkward conversation. She had told Father that she'd done Jackson a favor and he wanted to take her out, but she'd skirted around actually mentioning he'd suggested Boston.

Of course, she also hadn't said that she'd found the GPS in her cellphone. She'd left it alone, merely replacing the battery like she'd meant to. She didn't mind Father being able to know where she was. That was why she liked the idea of Jackson meeting Father. Jackson would assure Father that all was well.

Besides, she needed to get away from Cambridge for just a short while. After her minor confrontation with Evelyn Mead and Miss Mead's... unfortunate breakdown, she rather needed to get away from Cambridge for a short time. Of course, it hadn't been difficult. Evelyn had called her insane, said she was doing "horrible" things... A general fight. Then, while Evelyn and her friends had been gossping about how "crazy" she was, she'd switched Evelyn's hand sanitizer with the same brand but that she had added a compound to, a compound that wouldn't appear on a drug screen. Then, three hours later, it had activated. The "maggots" had started crawling under her skin, and she'd screamed and screamed, according to her roommate, torn at her flesh.

Of course, nothing could be proven. The school would never know, and the worst thing that could happen to her was gossip. Still, it would be nice to step away from the talk for a bit. Surely Father could understand that, and going out with Jackson was a perfect way for her to get away for even just an evening. She wouldn't trouble Father to take her to Gotham for a weekend. He had important work, but perhaps he would allow Jackson to take her out for one evening. She sipped her glass of water while she waited, trying not to be nervous about this.

Surely her father would trust her to be alone with Jackson.

Movie Night: The Player (1992)

Muttering to himself, Dr. Crane tried the lock on the cafe door. If he couldn't get in, he'd have a great deal to explain to Drake. Foolishly enough, Crane had volunteered to attend to the Red Dragon's after-hours events - well, not foolishly if one considered that having better access to the cafe could prove useful later, but foolish if he allowed another mishap like Saturday's to occur. Hopefully, Drake would believe that people weren't out and about on that ridiculous holiday, and Crane wouldn't have to explain the particular (and peculiar) circumstances that led to the Open Mic night's unannounced cancellation. That task would be much, much harder if the blasted lock didn't give tonight!

After a few moments, the key finally turned, allowing the doctor to step inside. Still irate, he fumbled with the dvd player, and, after some elaborate curses, pressed "play."

The Player (1992)Collapse )